Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Am a First-Born...

There is nothing I can do about this fact.

I am a first-born and all that comes with it...Type A, perfectionist, list-maker, planner to the smallest detail, everything lined up, "t"'s crossed and "i"'s dotted..

I live with a creative, "good enough", free-spirit fourth-born sister who I love and can't stand all in the course of two minutes. (is it supposed to be who or whom? I can't remember.)  That is beside the point.

She is gone this week and I was opening up our house for some guests.  So being the first-born person I am - I cleaned from top to bottom. Washed the sheets, scrubbed floors, dusted all the crown-molding and mop boards, making a to-do list, etc.

You get the picture.

As I was spending an inordinate amount of time making sure the sheets and blankets were even on both sides of the beds- it hit me.

"Look at yourself. You're fussing over how long the sheets are on each side.  Your sister would have just thrown them on, made sure it was kind of even and called it good. Here you are going crazy because it is 1/2 inch off.  No one will notice."  And I chuckled.

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I think that is the first time I have actually laughed at my idiosyncrasies. Usually it is other people who come along side and tell me to "stop stressing out!"

Maybe my sis is rubbing off.
To show myself that I could be just as easy-going ---I threw the sheets on my own bed and tucked them in.

(I only checked to make sure they were mostly even ... twice.) LOL!
Thank you, Lord, that you love me in spite of myself

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Faye said...

Thanks for loving me anyway (at least for these two minutes!)
your post made me smile!