Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Author

Have you read anything by the author Rumer Godden?

I just picked up a book "This House of Brede" by Ms. Godden.. 
Did she write a child's book called "The Doll's House"? Her name sounds vaguely familiar to me and I can't recall why.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bargain Books

I am kind of picky about which books come home to my personal library.  
Reading new books or authors for free from the local library helps me save my cash for the ones that I really want. 
The only exception is if I'm at a fundraiser where the books are really cheap - there is one held once a month in Pipestone, MN where most of the books $0.50 up to a dollar or two.  For that price whatever looks interesting comes home. If I like it it stays - if not I donate it back the next month.  There is another great one at the Minnesota Arboretum.  Two years ago my sister and I attended that one and I came home with a whole stack for the cost of one hardcover.  It was great!!!

Do you have some favorite book sales?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Library vs. Bookstore

I am taking an informal non-scientific poll.  No study will be published.  It is just for my own curiosity.

Do you get the majority of your books::
A. at the library
B. at a bookstore
C. order on-line ie, Amazon or Borders
D. download them

Please leave me a comment with your answer.  Thanks!

I have several reasons for using the library for most of my books.
1. It is free!
2. It gives me a deadline to meet.
3. I have limited space.