Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Madness

I am awake.........not by choice but because a houseful of girlfriends are staying with my sister.  They have decided to experience Black Friday for the first time.

They try to be quiet but in a house this size you hear the doors open, the shower running, and the sound of the hair-dryer; you might as well get up. Which I did.

Thankfully they decided 5 am was a more reasonable hour than say 3 o'clock to go catch the deals of the day.  After a good breakfast of eggs, toast, muffins, tea, and milk they have just left - off on a new adventure.  Part of me would have liked to go with them and part of me says "crazy" but the decision has been made for me - I have to go to work today.

Six friends making memories together are what holidays are for.  That's what I am thankful for today - friendships that are strong enough to withstanding getting up in the cold, dark wee hours of morning to road trip to the mall.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lovely Fall Day!

Each nice day in November is a gift from the Lord.  Since today the weather is promising to cooperate I am planning to be outside in it.

Clothes are going to go on the line to be sun-dried and cool air fresh.  Sheets flapping in the wind...and I might even hang out the quilts since the bugs should all be dead by now.

Last night I went crunching through the leaves. It was wonderful.  There was very little wind and the grove was silent and still, taking a nap before the wind comes again. The only sounds were our feet moving through the grass as my sister and I hunted for pinecones.  

I'm not sure what kind of evergreen trees are in our grove but they produce the cutest little cones -only 2-3 inches long and many are smaller than that.  Once they dry out some I think I will make them into a garland for Christmas.