Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Madness

I am awake.........not by choice but because a houseful of girlfriends are staying with my sister.  They have decided to experience Black Friday for the first time.

They try to be quiet but in a house this size you hear the doors open, the shower running, and the sound of the hair-dryer; you might as well get up. Which I did.

Thankfully they decided 5 am was a more reasonable hour than say 3 o'clock to go catch the deals of the day.  After a good breakfast of eggs, toast, muffins, tea, and milk they have just left - off on a new adventure.  Part of me would have liked to go with them and part of me says "crazy" but the decision has been made for me - I have to go to work today.

Six friends making memories together are what holidays are for.  That's what I am thankful for today - friendships that are strong enough to withstanding getting up in the cold, dark wee hours of morning to road trip to the mall.


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