Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Am I Dreaming?!?

On my walk to the mailbox this morning I heard a strange sound.  Well, it wouldn't be such a strange sound in May but for the 16th of February it is. 

You may think I was hallucinating. That the cold and snow and wind have made me delusional...but I saw it with my eyes.

He was sitting in the top of the tree scolding me as I walked by. At first I thought I was hearing things but then I saw his red breast in the rays of the morning sun.

Amazing what one bird can do for my spirits. Spring will come again, flowers bloom, warm winds blow, and green grass grows.  God's promises are just as faithful. He does not leave us in the winter of our sins. He brings redemption like spring to our souls. This is hope on a February morn.

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