Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have You Seen the Rest of My Book? It's Missing.

There is a pet peeve...well one of several...that really bugs me.  Like a stone in my shoe - it doesn't bother anyone else usually. Just me.

I recently purchased "The Count of Monte Cristo" from a well-known bookstore.  Blissfully, I brought it home and started reading it.

During the nagged at me. Some bit of story is missing since the first time I read my brother's copy.  The characters have lost some depth; some descriptions are less colorful; a sub-plot seems flat.

That's when I flipped to the title page and saw the dreaded word!


These should be banned from all self-respecting bookstores. If stores must sell them - then clearly mark them as such with big red letters across the cover of the book so buyers know ahead of time.  Not sneakily and quietly placed inside on the title page where nobody looks!

Why would I want to pay good money for a book and only get part?  That is like getting a piece of cake without the still tastes good but it would be even better with the frosting.

Now I have a watered down book.  It's a good story and if you've never read the complete novel you won't miss the cut-out parts.  But I miss them...the count becomes too tame.  He loses some of the single-minded revenge that builds up through the book. Some of the irony is gone.

As my friend Pooh says, "Oh bother".

What is your opinion?  Abridged or not abridged?

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The Visscher Family said...

Robin, I'm with you - give me the whole thing! None of this abridged stuff.