Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Topic of Discussion

Living in the Midwest there is one topic that is probably discussed more than any other.

The weather.

I ran across a diary account from 1886 that talks about a spring storm.

Wednesday, April 14, 1886- we witnessed what was know as Cass county and Audubon County cyclone.  It was preceded by a terrific hail storm which stopped suddenly and it was followed by a ground fog which we noticed was traveling rapidly to the south.  Going out on our front porch we first saw it coming towards us form the south in the form of a black, funnel-shaped cloud several miles distant.  It gradually swung to the east and went directly through Grove City where we first saw the buildings, trees and wreckage flying through the air.  The whole storm was in plain view of where we stood about two miles southeast of us on the opposite hill across the valley.  It passed through the Troublesome Creek valley directly east of us tearing its way through the trees and demolishing houses, and disappeared to the northeast leaving a swath of destruction in its pathway that was marked for many years after.
 by Abbie Mott Benedict
                      ~ excerpt taken from Prairie Voices: Iowa's Pioneering Women edited by Glenda Riley

  We still have tornadoes, hail, wind, rain, snow and everything in between.  Weather hasn't changed much in 120+ years.

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