Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who Needs Thriller Movies?

Have you read any of Joel C. Rosenberg's books? He has been on the New York best-seller list quite a few times but I hadn't read anything by him until now.  Wow.

I have just finished The Copper Scroll and it was way better than the last movie I attended for suspense and thrills.  The clock was into the early morning hours when I turned out the light...just had to read one more chapter and then one more...

His storyline is so well crafted and so realistic that I almost forgot it was fiction.  It is kind of alarming in some ways because of his depiction of future events and discoveries in the Middle East - especially Israel and Jerusalem.  The plot is so well thought out that all you would need to do is change the characters' names and it could be tomorrow's headlines.

If you haven't read them start them in order:
The Last Jihad
The Last Days
The Ezekiel Option
The Copper Scroll
Dead Heat

I didn't realize they were a series and started with the last one first!  I could follow the plot but some of the back-story of the main characters and history of events wasn't as clear as if I had started at the beginning.

In my humble opinion these are better than the Left Behind series and I highly recommend them.

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