Monday, May 3, 2010

Buffering vs. Streaming

Blogging for some people fulfills a need for expression - an outlet for frustrations, joys and sorrows.  I tend to use a personal journal for my private musings and save this venue for more general observations.
Some things are just not meant for public viewing!

However, that might explain why I am not a very consistent blogger...instead of 'streaming' my thoughts as they come I am stuck in the "buffering" mode.  Evaluating each sentence, rewriting, reviewing, critiquing each word and phrase- my type "A" first-born perfectionist self gets in the way of sharing what's in my heart.

From this point forward, this blog may be about what I'm reading
or it may have some totally random ramblings - Time will tell.
So fasten your seat belt, strap on a helmet or go get some chocolate...
It might be a crazy ride. :)

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