Monday, December 7, 2009

Season of Change

Here it is December already and I haven't posted anything since October. Not good! However, I have a pretty good excuse (I think). I've been packing, moving and unpacking again. It is amazing what a two-bedroom apartment can hold.

My brothers gave me a hard time about my ten boxes of books but hey I think it's in our family's DNA so they had better watch out!

At the end of October I moved back to my hometown after a ten-year sojourn in Minnesota. My youngest sister and I are trying out living together. So far it has been a positive experience- I hope she would agree! She borrows my books and I borrow her clothes. :) But there has not been much time leftover for reading. I"ll try to do better in the coming weeks.

The one book I have had time to read is "Fannie Farmer's Cookbook" as I search for new recipes for Swiss chard and also winter squash. It seems my mother planted a lot of it and it grew really well so she is giving it away.

Next week I hope to read "A Christmas Carol" again. Then it's time to read Luke chapter 2 for the Nativity story with Isaiah chapter 53 added as a epilogue.

If you have any other suggestions for Swiss chard, squash or a good holiday read let me know!
Merry Christmas!

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